One of a kind...Giuseppe Zanotti designs


I took this interview a while ago, right before I went to Cannes for the Film Festival. 

First about Emmanuel. It was a really interesting story how we met. It was a crazy week on events in Hong Kong. Me and my sis were really late for Zanotti Event in IFC, literally she was doing her nails while we were sitting in the cab. I was so freaking tired as we had just arrived from the Celebrity Awards in Manila where Tim Yap had invited us. Basically we were tipsy for the whole trip. So decided on having a glass of champagne, little chat and then leave as I had to work afterwards. Then I saw this guy staring at me. And he looked like he was in charge of everything: very french chic and snobbish ( I am sorry Em). I decided to come up, but then the presentation started, after Francis Cheng introduced me to  Mr.Zanotti, and it was time to rush to work. At that time I was doing PR for Dragon-I and Tazmania Ballroom. No doubts are the best place to be if you are in Hong Kong.  So later at night I checked the list  and saw that front table was on hold for Mr. Zanotti. Then were loads of champagne. And Tina Leung (adorable stylist with terrific taste I happened to work with) introduced me to Emmanuel Tomasini. And here I was sitting in Park Hyatt Lobby interviewing him about Zanotti Designs and Cannes Film Festival, where he invited me to work for Zanotti. 

1. You work as Worldwide Press and  PR Director for Giuseppe Zanotti Design and you have been doing it for the last 7 years. Tell us what is the best part of your job and what challenges you face daily.

First about challenges. On daily bases is to promote the brand Giuseppe Zanotti Design on different levels. First is on editorial side for the products mainly. Second part is to build up an image of Mr.Zanotti. And to look for different projects or collaboration such as The Victoria’s Secret fashion show or the unique jewels pair of shoes with Chopard for amfAR in Cannes Film Festival. Things  I like a lot about my job is to meet interesting people from  different sectors: press, media, cinema and music. It expands my outlook on culture and gives inspiration.  Moreover, what I like the most, is to see the results of work I am doing! It is a great pleasure.


2. Giuseppe Zanotti opened his first boutique in Milan in 2000. How the concept of the boutiques was developed? Which of all is boutiques worldwide is your favorite?

I joined Giuseppe Zanotti in 2004. I was responsible for the  french market. We opened the first store in 2004 in Paris with a unique concept. Initially, Mr. Zanotti wanted to have a different concept in each of his stores. The first boutique was opened in rue Saint Honore, and it was a special project. Inspired by Mondrian Art, it was decorated with wooden and glass furniture. It created a special warm and cosy atmosphere inside. The second boutique was opened in Avenue Montaigne. It was different from the first one and based on the Milan Montenapoleone concept adapted to the location. Then we opened the third store in Paris two years ago, which was also different from previous. It is more Parisian with typical french wooden floor and wallpapers inspired by Toile de Jouy design. Giuseppe Zanotti obviously chose and decided for each of the concept. Personally, my favorite is the first one, it is like having a first child!


3. I know you had a great opening of Giuseppe Zanotti Design Store in Beverly Hills with huge list of A-list celebrities spotted attending the party. Tell us more about the event.

We did grand opening in the beginning of February. in L.A. The store is  located on the Brighton Way, which is on the corner with Rodeo Drive. It is a very nice store with another concept. It was amazing discover of the market. It is our first store in L.A, we have another one in Las Vegas.  With Our Press Manager in L.A we decided to do a big event to promote and launch Giuseppe Zanotti Design as its a very important market with all the cinema industry as well as music. Especially as Giuseppe Zanotti was always famous for red carpet shoes. We did a cocktail party in the boutique and then a big dinner followed by the party. So it was a long event, very, very successful I have to say. And yes, a lot of celebrities such as Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan, Mina Suvari, May Andersen and Estella Warren. Moreover, we had  a good response of the brand in the press. 


4. I have already seen some pieces from fall-winter 2012 collection, truly one of a kind! Breathtaking jewel incrusted blue suede heel, mixture of four different animal prints, each design is unique and screams for attention. Tell us more about 2012. 

First of all, Mr. Zanotti could easily speak and much more about that than me. He did a collection as a slide show with different groups and themes. There is a super platform with heel build like a lego in different parts with different material. There are obviously red carpet shoes with Swarovski crystals, very elegant and chic.  Then Mr. Zanotti did different shape with a tube hill in different colors and fabrics. The combination of fabrics in each shoe is very important. There is one shoe where he mixed python, suede, leather, patent  and satin. It shows the elegance and work of Giuseppe. Also Mr. Zanotti created  platform electric suede with a blue stones and white Swarovski crystals inspired by Kate Middleton engagement ring.


5. How big is the accessories line? 

The line includes rings, necklace, bracelets, cuffs, and bustiers. We launched a jewel line three seasons ago, next winter will be third season. Its a very interesting line, very architectural  jewels. We have bracelets with a ring at the same time, also one of a kind crystal shoulder necklace next winter.

me: Is it the one Beyonce is wearing in her new music video?

-Yes, Beyonce is going to wear Giuseppe creation. It is like a bustier with metallic pieces. And we have a very good response in press, because it is very graphic and visual. Everybody loves it. And Beyonce too for her next video.


6. In which way do you communicate in bridal collection? How new is this for Giuseppe Zanotti design?

Two seasons ago Giuseppe Zanotti decided to do bridal collection. It is very cute, chic and elegant shoes in silk and lace of white, ivory and other wedding light colors.  Wedding is very important day for every woman when she wants to be special in all the ways. Now she can feel it with Giuseppe Zanotti Bridal Collection. It is available on our official website and also in most of the Giuseppe Zanotti Design boutiques. 


7. Anja Rubik has been the face of Giuseppe Zanotti Design for the last 3 years. By the way, she looks absolutely stunning with new hairdo in upcoming campaign.  Tell us about the concept. It looks different from the previous ones, stronger and more sophisticated I would say.

Yes it is different, but it is the same story. Anja has been doing our campaigns for the last 3 years. And with new hairdo she looks very her, very positive, self confident. Apart from it, Anja has an amazing body. She has stunning legs, I think the most fabulous I have ever seen.

She is elegant, dedicate woman. That is why she can represent the brand. Giuseppe Zanotti Design woman is chic and self confident woman. Woman who wears Zanotti design is cool, not to be afraid to be herself, with positive attitude. It was shot in a house in L.A .  Anja wears  shoes, bag and accessories from our new collection. I tested campaign to different people in the press, customers and everybody loves it as Anja represents a girl of today.


8. You have a lot of boutiques worldwide, moreover, some of the biggest luxury retail stores  sell Giuseppe Zanotti Designs. As far as I know some pieces from 2012 is possible to order online from your official website. What are the perspectives of online shopping in the future?

Yes, a year ago we launched online store through our official website. That is a new way of communication with  our customers. Not all of  our customers have access to Giuseppe Zanotti Design Stores due lack of time, or some other reasons.  On the website  is possible to see celebrities who wear our shoes, and  buy selected items.  We have editorial side, we have short videos with Giuseppe Zanotti shot in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur. People like it, because its dynamic and both side communication! We work on it, and keep on doing new things.


9. You travel a lot. What is the most excited place you have ever been?

I love Hong Kong. Its very dynamic, futuristic place with nice warm climate. I met a lot of interesting people  there. I was there twice for work and it was not only productive but I really enjoyed my stay. I love London, because I lived there. New York is fun, as L.A is. But Hong Kong is my favorite.


10. Cannes Festival is coming in a week time. This issue is coming out in June. Share some secrets: who is wearing Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on the red carpet?

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are very popular in Cannes. And 7 years ago, I was the first who represented the shoe designer over there. It was a challenge  for me. I remember the first night when I asked two friends to wear Giuseppe Zanotti jewel shoes on the red carpet. And after that night everybody was crazy about the shoes. We had so many articles in the press and it became the thing of Cannes seven years ago to wear  Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on the red carpet. So it is been 7 years since we do Film Festival. Now of course, it is different. We have a lot of competition over there. But  Zanotti has a lot of celebrities who adore and love his shoes.And it is a secret, as no one wants to tell what they are going to wear on the red carpet.

This year we have a special shoes with Chopard jewel and Anja Rubik will be wearing it on the red carpet. It will be sold during amfAR (The American Foundation for AIDS Research, a leading organization dedicated to the support of HIV/AIDS research.)

We are very excited. It is a very unique piece and very interesting project.


11. What are the most popular shoes you lend for the red carpet?

Depending on the celebrity. We have a very funny story. The problem with the shoes sometimes that girls wear long gowns and you cannot see the shoes. Once I lent a pair of shoes to famous french actress Sophie Marceau. She was wearing  long light chiffon dress I was in front of the tv watching red carpet. Then I saw Sophie in a long dress, and told myself: “ Oh, you cant even see the shoes” And she was wearing amazing one of a kind jewel shoes named Gilda. Suddenly the wind came and bare the legs of the actress. Obviously you could see the shoes. After that picture was all around the world.


12. Thank you Emmanuel for meeting me and answering the questions. I have the last, more of a personal question. What is a perfect day off to you?

( Laughing)  I work every day! When I have free time, I try to escape the city and go to a nice beach to relax. I try to switch off my phone. That is why I love taking a plane. You feel in piece and serene as no one disturbs you.

with Mr. Zanotti, my sis and me at IFC.

At amFar, Cannes Film Festival w/ Mr.Zanotti

With my dear and only one Thalia who flew from New York for The Tree of Life Premier. Wearing Von Vonni dress.  That was hell of a night!!!!!! ) And special thanks to Frédérique from Dior for outfit! You are great!