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Guess it was second part of August and everyone was about to leave Milan for vacations.

I was talking to our Creative Director about the next issue, that was about to be published, and he mentioned there was some space for another article. We discussed and agreed on N21 of Alessandro Dell'Acqua. Luckily I know Valerio, who I’ve met in Hong Kong where Donatella Versace was to Present Best Costume Designer Award at the 4th Asian Film Awards. Valerio runs fashion PR company Beside Communication ( basically the same as People’s Revolution of Kelly Cutrone). Exactly the same week we were trying to meet up for lunch, but of the whole rush before Ferragosto it was almost impossible to arrange anything. I begged him if there was any possibility to  interview Alessandro. Two hours later I was in Valerio’s office with the list of questions. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ask my questions in person, so the interview looks a bit laconic. By coincidence, after I finish writing this post I have to get ready for apperetivo that Beside Communications helds tonight! Moreover it is Alessandro’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! x


1. What's the most influential thing in your life and work?

Cinema has always been a big influence in my work. I always take inspiration from movies when I work on my collection and in particular I look to the old Italian neo realism period


2. Do you get the most inspiration from nature? Is it the ultimate beauty, after all?

Honestly not very much…I love nature and I particularly love the sea. But I don’t take

inspiration from that


3.What did you dream to be when you were a child and who did you look up to?

I always wanted to be an actor! I wanted to try when I was a teenager but I’m always been too shy…


3. If you had a chance to go back to the past and change anything you want, career wise what would it be?

Probably I would have been more careful with my business partners…style wise instead I would not change anything, there are collection I liked more than other but I’m proud on what I did.


4. Can you describe the process you go through to design a piece of clothing? What motivates you?

You know, my inspiration comes from my inside… Sometimes I’m inspired by a town or a small village, by a deep color of a flower or by a movie. Sometimes people I meet are inspiring me. Inspiration means to me motivation and when this inspirations comes to me, I try to put it down on a piece of paper. That’s the first step of my creative process…


6. Was there a moment in your life when you felt like quitting the fashion industry?

And If you were not a designer what would you be doing?


When recently I had to leave my Alessandro Dell’Acqua brand to my ex partners. It has been one of the toughest moment in my life, it’s like to leave a child after 15 years to someone else. But I had the support of my closest friends and the press so I decided to move on and start with my new project, the N°21 collection.


7. N21 was very successful in Japan. What were your expectations before and after your trip there?Are you planning on coming back to Asia anytime soon?


I honestly did not have idea of the success the collection and myself as a designer have in japan since I did this trip. It was my first time there and everything was perfect. I loved the country, the attitude of the people, their style and I’m really impressed on how they reacted to the tragedy they passed. I love Asia and I look forward to come back soon…I would really like to come to Hong Kong.


8. Italy aside, which country's or city's fashion sense do you most admire, and why?


Paris for sure…people have a great sense of personal style there


9. What is your proudest professional achievement so far?


There’s no reason to go so far… my new design project N21!


10.How would you describe your current state of mind and where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I’m really tired because I’m working on the new collections, but excited as well! I love to work on

the N°21 project and I’m happy to see how it’s growing season by season.



11. What to expect from you in spring/summer 2012 collection?


To be well received from press and buyers obviously!


12. What advice would you give to someone starting their own brand?


To be always himself, especially from the point of view of creativity. To be consistent… and to be patient.


Valerio (Beside Communication) is spinning @ Blanco tonight..)

Kate is doing her look in d WC.. looks damn hot! )