Earl Wan

Was born in Yorkshire, England. Developed his deep passion for art from a young age which lead his interest into photography, picking up the camera at the tender age of fourteen, after his father gave him his first SLR for his birthday. Then came graduation from Manchester Metropolitan University with BA in Illustration with Animation and his first job for a portrait studio in Manchester. His desire of traveling and see the world brought him to Hong Kong where he is based now.


In a short space of time, Earl has had work appear in China Vogue and Hong Kong's Prestige Magazine, Cathay Pacific Magazine, Glass Magazine from the UK, Cuisine Magazine from New Zealand and Kismet Magazine from New York. He has also worked with some of Hong Kong top brands like Shanghai Tang and G.O.D. and the French label, Ab-Irato. Recently, he’s has shot an editorial for HK Tatler and two HK pop star Det and Barry Yip’s album cover. Also, he is currently collaborating with Hong Kong’s top fashion designer, Barney Cheng, in a fund raising project for Cross Roads Foundation, which features Barney Cheng’s couture designs selected from over 15 years of work. 


Earl states, “Photography is about capturing the moment and story telling. It isn’t about taking pretty pictures with the latest, most expensive equipment. A camera is just a tool which helps me create art pieces. There's nothing more satisfying than to produce a piece that can stop people in their tracks, making them look twice and think about the piece, leaving an everlasting impression in their minds."


I met Earl in Hong Kong almost 2 years ago. We happened to be at the same table during dinner. And then were hours of discussions about photography and fashion. Then I came up with an idea for my next photoshoot, and I had no doubts who I wanted to work with.


After a while his interview was on the pages of Razor Red. But that interview was more about the shoot we had done together. Here are some more personal questions:


1. Hero


Hero... I think everyone around me is a hero one way or another.


2. Do you remembered the first editorial you shot?


First editorial was commissioned by a online mag called Kismet from NYC, not long after I posted a test shoot up online. It was very exciting to receive a commission from New York when you're based in somewhere like Hong Kong. The theme was "Rock music". I got asked to another within a week of submitting the first one.


3. The most inspiring place...


New York.. no doubts..


4. Day off


Day off... I dunno if I have such thing. Photography is pretty much a life style, not like a typical 9am - 6pm job. If I'm not shooting or editing, I'm thinking and observing, taking things in thats around me which later could be of some use or inspiration.


5. Anyone particularly you want to work with ..


Art Directors: Eric Dover, Peter Saville, 

Creative Director: Grace Coddington, 

Photographers: Nick Knight, Patrick Demarchelier, Eugenio Recuenco, Mario Sorrenti, Mario Testino, 

Directors: Peter Jackson, Guy Ritchie, Ridley Scott, Michael Bay.


6. Do you plan on coming back to UK eventually?


Definitely not going to stay in Hong Kong, I would like to move back to England eventually, not specifically London, maybe somewhere nearby or go elsewhere like... NEW YORK!! Actually, theres still a lot of places I want to go, so I don't know where I'll settle.


7. You work with a lot of beautiful people, shoot celebrities and gorgeous girls. Have you fallen for anyone? Any romantic stories?




8. Latest works..


Had a feature in Vogue Italia, China Vogue, Razor Red (HK) (which includes you my friend) and IdN (HK) (which comes out in Feb 2012)

Shot for Fault Magazine (UK), Glass Magazine (UK), Kismet (NY), HK Tatler, Prestige (HK), SCMP Style Magazine (HK), Post Magazine (HK), Silk Road (HK), Cuisine (NZ) 

Covers: HK Tatler and Kismet 


This one is styled by me for Razor Red Magazine.



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