heart healing getaway....



My first love was tough. She married another guy, and left me to pick up the pieces. 

Second one, was completely different. I never said I did, but i was madly into! But different countries, different lives. It did not work as it never started. No names are necessary: public name, public life, well you know.. Third one lasted 6 years. Was something deep and  adult! Flying from one continent to another to keep it alive. Ended. I am back to melancholy and searching for answers what i did wrong. When I felt I was finally back on track I trapped myself in another crazy sympathy, that keeps on growing. And same circle.


Standing in front of the mirror, caught myself changing the 4th outfit.  Guess there was some weirdness. Pulling those thought to the trash basket back side of my head, i decided on whatever, whatever it was, it was!

While I was walking through the park I had mixed up feelings, guess those were memories braking my balls, squeezing my heart..Gosh, what goes around, comes around. Here we go, I am getting my shit I've sent thinking it was only one way package. I remember all the advices I gave to people who were madly in love, or just simply had an affair with no feelings involved, and I did great. Why the heck is my mouth so dry now, and I cant even put fucking puzzle together? Isn't it written on the box for kids 4-6 year old?!I was played so good. I threw myself out there, with a sign on my forehead "PLAY ME". There was so much love and passion inside me, and i simply let it go. I followed my own instructions. Say everything, be everything, if its not mean to be, it wont.. When I didn't play any games, i was a toy and i was played. Do I regret? No. If I had a chance to go back and change it, would I? No.  Do I wanna forget? No. No matter how much pain I had, no matter, just no matter, nothing matters I had it all, and the most precious goods are worth to be paid for. Back to reality, as I am almost there to face my agony. Faced. Same route,same script. 

So what do we do?! Is there any place to escape our own thoughts and to heal?  You know, jet-setting, i found some. And this post is not about my crazy loved ones,(though i wrote 2 paragraphs.. ) is about routes where possible to find secretly hidden button “off” on a hind-head. Here you go! My top of these amazing getaways I called “Heart Healing”:


  1. Sydney. 1km away from Bondi Beach” Cemetery. (Take a walk from Bondi to Cogee Beach)


Yes, I do know it sounds very strange. But believe me, place worth to spend a couple of hours, watching the ocean and being in serene. Cemetery itself looks incredible. After do visit famous Iceberg Cafe. 

heart healing getaway....

2. Twelve Apostles Victoria, Australia


There is nothing more beautiful I have ever seen in my life. Believe me your broken heart will start beating again once you see this divine place. 

heart healing getaway....heart healing getaway....

3. Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks, North Carolina


When you walk around these beaches, man, you wanna cry out everything! Better do it alone. Place is a mind setter! But i wouldn't swim there. Besides cold water, there are some sharks! You don't wanna be someone's lunch!

heart healing getaway....


  1. Boracay Island, The Philippines.  ( especially late spring when Pacific is not in the best mood)


Not easy to get to. You will have to change planes in Manila, and be ready for the worse airport you have ever been to. Then another hour flight, 2 hours car trip, little trip on a boat- and you are in a paradise between sky and heaven! Healing is guaranteed. 

heart healing getaway....


PS' Track Fiorella Mannoia "Io non ho paura" is on all this morning.. cuz now i am really not afraid!)) Have a good 2012 my friends! Happy New Year!



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