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You know, honestly, not keen on writing about Men Fashion Week at all! Had sleepless nights and have no power to attend any show! After that documentary for Garage Contemporary Arts Centre, when I had to wake up at 7 am, I feel like no way, not now.  After a couple of drinks in the Bar of Principe di Savoia  with Kevin Carriigan and a friend from P&G Geneva who was organizing here a launch of new Gucci Fragrance we moved to another bar. Actually made Simon Halloway to go with us just for one-one cocktail. Indeed great personality and very charming guy!  Then I lost count of all the drinks I bravely consumed, then cab, and somehow, with all that strike going on in Italy I managed to be on my plane to Barcelona. Another sleepless nights, parties, dates and dinners. Yesterday was rushing to Calvin Klein presentation here in Milan and said myself: “ I cannot do it anymore”. But  after wine with mom and encouraged by a sizzling hot scandals addict gf of mine, we got into CK afterparty. Then we decided to go really trash, and drove over Sempione to Cavalli. Really, model party? Frankly after a couple of years in modeling, pr, and just all those parties i felt so over it. We looked like some super overdressed snobs crushing kids prom bitching  around. And when some guy started his “what’s up dude” i really wanted to be like “talk to my hand man..” And now when this buzz almost over, we are about to go to Paris for another buzz... And then I am getting a SOS call from a friend we went recently to Hawaii to fly to Rio with him. Shall I?!

Oh yeah, I totally forgot this post were supposed to be about my trip to Hawaii and that amazing pink sunsets I still cannot get over. My mind is super scattered, my apologies. 

There is some extremely important events are coming into my life, so I will be short! 

Hawaii is a place to dream and make love. Please do not do it after 5 in a water, waves and sharks aren’t sleeping... There were so many islands to explore and  only few days I had. There is always one day when you say yourself “I ll be back”. Sure, indeed. And now, when I am in cold in humid Milan I am getting warm with some glasses of red, amazing memories and these colorful pictures. 


Soundtrack for this trip Forbidden Colors by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

scattered thoughts... hawaiiscattered thoughts... hawaiiscattered thoughts... hawaiiscattered thoughts... hawaii


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