walking under crying skies...

walking under crying skies...

It happens to everyone: night out, loads of champagne, ups go to deep downs, messages to ex, depressed status on fb and finally black out. Wake up thought: where did I forget my brain?! Why is it possible to leave our brain at home, but i cannot open the freezer and put my feelings there? For God's sake, why can’t I bring my heart somewhere to cemetery and leave it there? You get what I mean, right? For some strange reason since I was a little boy I loved cemeteries. Already 18 years later a monk told me I was a hermit in my previous life. True or false does not matter now. I do love cemeteries and a feeling of being in complete serene there. 

Apperetivo slowly went into dinner followed by double vodka ice in some trashy interiors, messages, gloomy thoughts and black out. Believe me it happens really rare to me, as I am not really a club scene lover, more like a eat-watch-sleep. Yesterday I gave myself a little bit of a credit. Morning rain woke me up, though it was pretty dark. may be of half closed shutters or grey sky. Decided to take a walk. I knew I live just 10 minutes away from the cemetery, but never had a chance to go in. “Perfect timing”- i convinced  myself. I went there just to be alone with my thoughts, and to leave them there. Adele with turning tables in my earphones were a perfect company! While I was walking around, i completely forgot about myself, i was so touched, really deeply touched by this peaceful museum under open sky. You can really feel so many emotions left at this place. I am not talking about sadness and grief now. More like about respect to the routes and the past. I am russian person, I love my country, but I never understood eating at the cemetery and having drinks there. Though empty cemeteries in USA say about lack of emotions, or gap in relationship between people. I just express my personal opinion, I don’t want to offend anyone. Today i left the place full of emotions really positive ones. Strange: going to the place where everything seems full of tears, and leave it inspired. Well, call me freak if you want. I don’t mind being abnormal! As Kelly Cutrone says: “Normal gets you nowhere”. Totally agree!

Have a great day and don’t get sick! Its really nasty weather out there!


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