My Creative Director asked so many times to write something about beauty and natural skin care. I am still postponing it. Cannot  make up my mind, though I have all the necessary material. I tried so many things on my face already, and I guess it makes me an expert. 

I will just share what I use and what i think is really really great in indulging yourself.

Here I am instead of packing decided to watch some silly tv show and do some writing.

A lot of stuff like scrubs, oils, and other natural treatments i buy in Thailand.

If you happen to be in Phuket there is a nice small Lemongrass Shop not far from Surin Beach. Every time i am in Phuket I buy jojoba oil which i use for my hair; rose oil ( which I mix with jojoba and apply on my face once a week), rosemary oil ( as well for hair), grape seed oil ( for whole body and face). Check this website and you will find all the information you need. 




For everyday I use SK-2 brand as It really suits my skin. I start with Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser that contains Concentrated Pitera that leaves my skin hydrated even 30 minutes after cleansing. It has amazing rose scent. Then I apply cellumination mask-in lotion followed by famous Facial Treatment Essence- a must-have for beautiful, glowing skin. Then Facial Treatment Repair C goes on, and the last SK-2 skin signature cream ( sometimes I use La Mer instead). For my eyes I use Signs Eye Cream - a unique blend of 7 ingredients to firm up skin around eyes and to reveal radiance. Before special events I use super intensive moisture-boosting mask enriched  with Pitera Facial Treatment Mask. Believe me, you skin will glow right after like you spent the whole day in a spa!


Besides all of that, on weekends I do banana mask that is famous for age fighting. Well, I want to believe in it. And if you happen to be in China or Hong Kong get Birds Nest Facial. 

Too long to explain what it is, but its really great! Worth trying. 


And after shower I apply Sharon’s Spa enriched with dead sea minerals shea butter. Available in Israel.  




Have a great day guys and don’t freeze!