Every time I moved to a new place, I always was looking for an apartment close to central park. 

I love nature and walk through a park, at least once a day, is a must. Even now, when it’s -2C (I know guys compare to mother land is spring here) I do take a walk and dream!

I love sitting on a bench having lunch or just having my Arnold ( italians against Starbucks, so we have analog Arnold). May be one day I will move to a place surrounded with forests and fields, though close to real big city. I am still a city boy with all addicts coming out from it, i mean good ones. Smile! 

So here are some great places to have lunch, spend a day with a friend on a blanket.

( if its a hot summer day don’t forget to apply SPF ++90 the one I use, crazy right?!) 


Number one always will be New York Central Park. There is some charm in this place, that make you fall for it from the first sight. Place where you can meet everyone and no one. Every time I am in the Big Apple its my first route. I never had a chance to take a boat in one of the lakes. Guess, I did not have a perfect date there. 


Number two goes to East Coast Park in Singapore. I love it as I used to live five minutes drive away. Every day I woke up before the dawn and ran along the beach. And on Sundays I went cycling there. It keeps the warmest memories and hides so many secrets! Two months ago I flew to Singapore for my birthday dinner, and when i was landing I saw those magic lights of the park, my house, and place i used to run..- frankly i cried!


Back yard of SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School in Montreux deserves number three. 

Lets start that Montreux is already a magnificent city full of divine views. If you happen to be there, remember my number three. You won’t regret! It is the place to enjoy the moment.


Sempione in Milan keeps the memories of my broken heart! It will always be a special place to me. Even now when it is covered with snow and its freezing outside, I take a walk through it every day! And all tracks of Craig Armstrong from Piano Album really suit my mood when I am there.



Sydney Hyde Park reminds me of my school times and sushi lunches I used to have with my dear friend Christine. We skipped classes and if the weather was not right for the beach adventures we hang out there. Every book seemed so interesting when I was lying on the greenest ever grass. 

Sorry guys the pic from Hyde Park i stole) haha. Mine pics include me and i was kinda fat that time.. OZZBURGERS ..