sentimental values..

If i stay on weight scale, guess, I will be terrified with the numbers! And it's not about the amount of pasta I consumed during the last days! It's all about the jewelry I am wearing! I cannot Leave my house without it, unless it's a black tie event! All of my rings, bracelets have a very sentimental value to me! My first ring with lizard on it I  bought in Malaysia! It was a period when I first fell in love with asia! I lost it twice, but somehow it returned to me! Since then I never took it off! Another one is a Taiwanese designer, engagement one! Though I went through the hardest in my life break up, I still cannot remove it, as it reminds me of amazing 6 years I had! Three rings in one I got in Bangkok, walking home from the club, cost nothing, but reminds me of the craziest year I spent there! Silver Tiffany my dad gave me in hong kong when he flew over to help me out moving houses! I suck in assembling the furniture, and dad flew over all d way from russia to help me out! We spend one day assembling and other 5 doing Xmas shopping! Ring with Christ on it, I got for my birthday in Phuket, after my hypnotherapy session, when i realized i desperately need to change something in my life! Huge cross on my neck came to me from las Vegas from the dearest friend of mine! It attracts so much attention, and i simply love it! Silver Tiffany chain came from the same friend with a red coral stone on it! I believe this stone takes all the negative energy around me! Also I attached my cross my mom gave me! Snake bracelet also a gift as well as other bracelets! I wear them all at once! When I am on d plane, or train, I just look at them and all memories come up! Make me smile!